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  • We've all played RPGs. Bosses need locks. Heroes need keys. Enter Keyth, Local Locksmith. Keyth knows that for every Boss that he sends away with a lock, it should generate interest from Heroes, in the form of key sales.
  • Keyth must play both sides of the coin in order to make ends meet. Send locks to dungeons. Remember what those locks protect. Watch Heroes gain interest as they visit your shop. It is your choice to sell the keys for rent money, or to contract them out for the loot.
  • The Royal Debt Collector is getting increasingly more demanding, and you prefer to keep your hands...

Made by Kevin McCarthy and Nick Muse for JamCraft 3

If you enjoyed at all, please follow us. We already have some post-jam improvements coming down the pipe. Including:

  • actual balancing
  • useful on-screen information
  • sprite variance for customers
  • animations
  • some other interesting random encounters
  • android/iOS support


keyth_zip.zip 5 MB
keyth_installer.exe 18 MB

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